Makeout Point: Psychedelic Surf Rock.

“Havana Nights” raw, authentic and youthful.

Jeff Spicoli’s sampled quote at the song’s beginning throws us right back into 1982. The vibratory strum of guitar paired with a steady beat produced by the continued play of soft cymbals formulates a youthful rhythm. “Havana Nights” textured rhythm when paired with its moderato tempo and blissful melody aid in creating a rather vibratory atmosphere, one reminding us of those warm summer nights effortlessly enjoyed in our teenage years. Throughout the song’s progression, languid vocals draw us closer to the heartwarming experience produced throughout the song. If your looking for a sound to take you back turn up the speakers and let Makeout Point send you on your way. Not to mention they have one of the most bada** band names around.

You better believe us when we tell you Makeout Point only started Jamming together in September of 2017. While being a relatively new band they have definitely come a long way in developing a unique style but still have many steps in their creative journey as they continue to master their independent sound. After listening to their recently released EP “Varsity” it becomes apparent that their sound is influenced by the likes of The Smiths, The Strokes, and Mac DeMarco. Atop all this Makeout Point has found a way to put an original twist on psychedelic and surf rock.

Makeout Points Creative process is as raw and authentic as their sound. “All of our songs start out as extremely loose ideas. One of us will bring a cool progression or riff into rehearsal and we just sort of see where it goes from there.” As the band continues to hurdle over various learning curves and the struggles associated with being an early stage band they work to bring us a relaxed, beach-like atmosphere contrasted by introspective vocals and lyrics. Makeout Point has created music that is perfect for bumming out to. We look forward to hearing more catchy tunes as Makeout Point evolves as a band while also continuing to perfect their sound.

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Sam Sure: Is he Ed Sheeran & CharliePuth all in One?

“What About It?” a song indescribable by words so listen up!

Okay, hold on. First, let’s get this man a Grammy because Sam Sure is without a doubt on the same level as Ed Sheeran and those alike. In fact, one might argue he is Ed Sheeran version 2.0 with the way he sends us his impassioned serenades through lustrous vocals. Anyway, on to the song.

Crackly white noise infiltrates listening ears as the altered play of piano keys define the beat designated to guide us through an easily relatable experience created by the sound of Sam Sure’s “What About It.” Then with a subtle seemingly natural yet still unexpected transition this soft intro fluidly morphs into a synth-pop vibe that works away in its altering of the track, making it ever more comforting. As “What about it?” continues through its three minute and twenty-second musical progression it begins to produce a sound that feels like a much-needed hybrid between Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” & “Shape of You.” Now you’re thinkin okay all this Ed Sheeran-esque stuff is something I really vibe with, but the Sam layers in a soulfully smooth melody that rivals the likes of Charlie Puth. Wait for it…wait for it… let all this musical perfection sink in… and whala that’s a musical orgasm generated by a silky rhythm built from a richly textured harmony paired alongside a reflective rhythm all executed in the songs sexy tempo. That’s it ladies and gents, you have just experienced Sam Sure’s “What About It” and been “Sured!”

Honestly after experiencing a performance like that it feels as though we must take a moment of silence to really let everything set in. Three, two, and one. We have just found the baby that be created by the merging of sounds like those of Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth. Furthermore, Its likely England is in for a big surprise when Sam releases his first hit, likely to feel like it came out of nowhere. Really it’s too bad we don’t know more about Sam Sure but we look forward his journey to the top as he works with Black Butter Records on upcoming projects that we hope are soon in their arrival. Until then folks your gonna have to throw in the headphones and plug into a playlist of all Sam’s tunes being sure to start with “What About It?”.

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Song of the week: Bighead by Rozotadi

Artist Bio…

“Alternative-Rapper, Producer, and Songwriter Rozotadi offers a fresh take on music with his genre-bending, groove oozing bounce. His career as a recording artist kickstarted in a dorm back in 2017 and his career as a producer popped off at his mom’s crib in 2011. He has since gone on to perform in front of sold-out crowds around the Arizona valley.

*Alternative-Rap – fuses traditional Rap with other musical elements such as rock, hip hop, EDM, dream pop, cloud rap, neo soul, soul, jazz, chillwave, electro hop, trap, electropop, funk, trip hop, future garage, etc.”


A Copyright is a law that gives the owner of creative work (like a book, movie, picture, song or website) the right to say how other people can use it. It also helps  musical creatives earn money from their work

In the music industry copyright when registered is one of the most valuable assets a musical creative can have because it gives them a monopoly for a limited period of time. Associated with copyrights are income-generating rights. We will cover them in more detail in another post. For now, just know that income-generating rights are Mechanical, Synchronization, public performance, and derivative rights. 

Mahogany Four: Indie Interviews With Mood Industries.

Get ready for your introduction to the future, these sounds are nothing short of extraterrestrial and they are coming from the one and only Mahogany 4. This dynamic group of talented musicians is currently based in Phoenix Arizona and they are setting fire to the local scene. For example, they just performed there first live debut at the prestigious Grand Art Haus and let’s just say you have never seen a more alive crowd. The group’s formula for fire is simple, they bring the energy everyone else is afraid to bring; as a result, they level expectations.

Single of the Week:

BANNERS comes from Liverpool, UK. Fascinated by dreams, life, death, hope and despair, he grew up singing in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Choir and the Liverpool Kop. Influenced by artists ranging from Jeff Buckley to Arcade Fire, BANNERS’s music is at once haunting & hopeful. His song “Start A Riot” has generated over 50 Million Spotify streams, while his recent single “Someone To You” has reached the #1 position at Alt Nation as he prepares to release his highly anticipated, Empires On Fire EP.

After signing to Island Records, BANNERS first connected with audiences on his debut single “Ghosts” which rose to #2 at Hype Machine. “Shine A Light”, which has been certified gold for track sales in Canada, is the official trailer for EA’s blockbuster game, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Legends and appeared in spots on NBC, ESPN, E!, and FOX.

BANNERS recently made his late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, followed by touring select markets in the US with Milky Chance.

What are 360 Deals?

360 deals or all rights agreements are deals that are offered by labels to artists and give labels the right to make money off of every revenue stream the artist generates money through. In the past major record labels (Sony, Warner, and Universal) all used to make all of their money from the sale and use of their signed artist’s music.

After Napster and the release of other streaming platforms, the major labels started losing money. In order to compensate for their loses they decided to sign new artists to 360 deals that gave them the opportunity to make money everywhere the artist makes money.  Today most major labels will sign artists to a 360 deal. However, if the artist has a lot of leverage then he or she may be able to negotiate their way out of a 360 deal.

360 deals or all rights agreements might allow labels to make money in the following areas: Merchandising, sponsorships, endorsements, and live performance. Labels often times will 10-25% of what is made in each area, these percentages are negotiated.

Indie labels have been using across the board deals for over 20 years to date, across the board deals are similar to 360 in that they allow the label to make money everywhere the artist makes money. Typically an Indie labels all-around deal will sign an artist to a co-publishing agreement, exclusive recording agreement, and management recording agreement.

Flow Simpson Interview


“Raised by a single mother in Baltimore, Maryland, rapper Flow Simpson was heavily influenced by his mother’s tastes in music which included some of the greats like Biggie and Jay-Z. Always staying busy as a child, something that his mother encouraged when he was young, he was able to stay away from trouble as a lot of his peers were exposed to a world fraught with negative influences. Flow Simpson always aimed to follow in his family’s footsteps and when reflecting back “[he] was very blessed to have the upbringing [he] had.” ” – Groove Alley

Single of The Week: Drama by NomBe

Artist Bio…

“Reminiscent of a diary, NoMBe’s debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, is a brutally honest account of family, romance, sex and heartbreak. His initial singles have already caught the ear of Pharrell, who noted, “He makes music for the subconscious with colorful layers and unexpected water slides. He writes and produces dream sequences.”

Five years ago, Noah McBeth, or NoMBe, went on a class trip from Germany to Las Vegas. Unlike his classmates, NoMBe decided to chase his dreams in music and never returned. This year, he finally unveils his debut album, a tribute to the women in his life, from his godmother Chaka Khan to true loves to summer flings. He is more than his model looks – his music is a vulnerable and introspective diary of his American journey.

His singles broke onto Australian radio and their Shazam charts, and they have caught the ear of Kylie Jenner, Heidi Klum, and Pharrell, who have used his music in their TV and ad campaigns. In addition, the catchy and distinctive songs impressed Bonobo and Alt-J, who both invited him to open for their tours this past year.

To properly convey the theme of the album, NoMBe performs with an all female band on stage, jamming to his infectious West Coast beach vibes. Sirius XM’s ALT Nation chose his song ‘Freak Like Me’ as the inaugural Critical Cut, which promotes their favorite single of the month, and VEVO also hand-picked him for their DSCVR program, one dedicated to breaking the next big star in music.”

Advances & Recording Budgets

An advance is defined as payments of royalties to an artist. The money given to an artist by a label is to be used for the recording, and production of the album. This might also be called an album fund advance.

At major labels a new artist might receive $50,000 to $100,000, A mid-level artist might receive $100,000 to $200,000, and a superstar artist might receive $300,000 to $1,000,000 for an album advance. Indpendent labels however might only give out  $2,500 to $25,000 and this depends on the genre.

When an artist receives an album fund advance it is to be used for:

  • Recording Costs
  • Production
  • Arrangers
  • Engineers
  • Personal expenses

An example of a recording album fund might look like this.  Total advance given to artist = $100,000  and $80,000 is for the album and $20,000 is for personal expenses.

Typically any money left over from the album is given to the artist as personal expenses. If however, a project goes over budget the expenses will be paid by the artist or the label will terminate the contract.

Because all advances are recouped by the labels from artist royalties it becomes important to that artist always work to get as much of an advance as they can up front. Video and independent promotion costs are also expenses that labels will want to recoupe money on but are not always included as part of the album fund.

Typically a major label will want to make back 50% of the cost associated with the advance before they share profits from royalties with artists. Independent labels typically want to recoupe 100% of the advance before they share profits from royalties with artists.



Jam Now Interview.

JAM is a young acoustic singer-songwriter recording out of Jack Johnson’s Plastic Plant Studio in Hollywood, CA. His debut EP Universal Love, produced by Grammy award-winning producer, Robert Carranza was released in February of 2018. KWSS 93.9FM featured JAM NOW as a local spotlight and added his music into the daily rotation for the entire month of May in 2019. This young artist has shared the bill with Sublime with Rome, The Dirty Heads, X Ambassadors and many more; and he will be releasing a new record in the fall of 2019. Added to these accomplishments, JAM has opened for The original Wailers, toured the west coast and has worked with Alice Cooper recording a demo for the Hollywood Vampires. He has won Alice Cooper’s annual Proof is in the Pudding music competition twice in a band and came in second place as a solo artist. “I’m not sure if ‘JAM’ is more impressive musically or lyrically, but maybe I shouldn’t fret, because it all comes together beautifully as an anthem of hope, positivity and celebrating all that is possible.” – Mitchel Hillman (Phoenix New Times).

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Deidre & the Dark: Hypnotic music certain to touch your soul.


“One Night” Rekindle feelings of a nostalgia that dissapeared long ago.

Artist Bio….

“Deidre & the Dark is a cinematic, technicolor world of music conceived by Brooklyn-based songwriter, vocalist & instrumentalist Deidre Muro. Seamlessly blending her love of 60s-era pop, rock, and standards with current electronic production, her fun and soulful tracks dance that magical line between feeling utterly classic and totally fresh. After years as a side project, 2019 sees Deidre & the Dark strut to the foreground with the debut album Variety Hour – a record of  “nostalgic noir-pop enhanced by modern stereophonics” (Culture Collide), featuring recent singles “Bad Day,” “Back In Time” and “One Night” – “…a bold and brassy declaration of love for the 60s girl groups, 70s Philly soul, and modern R&B that delivers the kinds of hooks and euphoria found only in the very best pop records.” (WFMU, Sheila B)

Inspired by the signature format of golden era variety television shows, each of the album’s ten tracks takes on a uniquely different character. “As I was writing and imagining the flow of the record,” Deidre recalls, “I pictured costume, lighting and set changes, choreography, staging… It really guided the whole creative process for me.” Keeping in line with previous Deidre & The Dark releases, the tracks on Variety Hour have a vignette-esque quality, each featuring a leading lady inhabiting her own mini-world.

Deidre’s eclectic touch is all over the album, from 60s girl group backing vocals to transistor organs and wild bongos, and orchestral samples to deep house kicks. The production was a full family effort: co-produced and mixed by her husband David Perlick-Molinari, with orchestration by her brother Derek Muro, and a special guest appearance by her brand new son Desmond in the track “Bad Day.” Becoming a first-time mom while completing the album was no small feat, but Deidre’s personal life has always danced with her creative life – it’s an approach that keeps Deidre & the Dark heavily grounded in the present while gazing lovingly at the past.

Fueled by a love for all things mid century – from music to design, fashion, film and architecture – Deidre & the Dark started as a side project while Deidre fronted indie-rock/pop band Savoir Adore. She has since released a number of singles as well as the Curious Parcel EP which features “Classic Girl” – a song which has become a staple of the band’s live set, as well as a hit with film, TV & fashion collaborators, and it’s own vinyl single release by Coachella record store curator Alex Rodriguez. Always one for a “theme,” she has also curated numerous conceptual events in Brooklyn. In addition, Deidre is a partner at Brooklyn music/audio production studio and record label YouTooCanWoo, where she composes for a variety of visual and musical projects and regularly collaborates with bands French Horn Rebellion and Violet Sands.”

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