Ya Minko: Is Timeless & Beyond Life

“Better Tomorrows” is an atmospherically ageless masterpiece.

Carefully calling echoes of cooing vocal effects are effortlessly complimented by an authentic synth laying a foundation for the delivery heartfelt lyrics. Such formulation of musical components allows for the birth of a top track for anybody’s “Feels” playlist. Sparsely placed round thuds of the songs kick drum bounce around concocting a bassline that accentuates the beauty of each sound and component that is “Better Tomorrows.” Fall deeper into Ya Minko’s music and you will come to find that you are not alone in the musical journey at play. In fact, you are accompanied the muted sounds of chirping birds, falling rain, and ocean waves that aid in building an extravagant texture found from the fusion of each layer within the track. Such a texture is what creates the homely harmony found amongst the play of each note and chord. Sublime is the melody when paired with the full yet somber vocals of Ya Minko. This is a track for those down times when you are alone looking guidance in a time of confusion, and for that, we are all grateful.

“Better Tomorrows” is that track! The one for allowing yourself to visualize without restraints as you come to ignore all limits and believe. That prior is the philosophy of Ya Minko and its a set of ideas that become profoundly present in all of Ya Minko’s art; really it’s what be the base of his wildly unique, and original musical aesthetic that ultimately separates Ya Minko from the pack. “Better Tomorrows” is one of the many tracks in Ya Minko’s arsenal that will aid in firing him to the top the chill-hop game. If you’re looking for a song you can vibe out to and get emotional with all while it finding raw and relatable then Ya Minko’s better tomorrow is for you! So put in the headphones, close your tired eyes and let this tune send you far away.

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