Sam Sure: Is he Ed Sheeran & CharliePuth all in One?

“What About It?” a song indescribable by words so listen up!

Okay, hold on. First, let’s get this man a Grammy because Sam Sure is without a doubt on the same level as Ed Sheeran and those alike. In fact, one might argue he is Ed Sheeran version 2.0 with the way he sends us his impassioned serenades through lustrous vocals. Anyway, on to the song.

Crackly white noise infiltrates listening ears as the altered play of piano keys define the beat designated to guide us through an easily relatable experience created by the sound of Sam Sure’s “What About It.” Then with a subtle seemingly natural yet still unexpected transition this soft intro fluidly morphs into a synth-pop vibe that works away in its altering of the track, making it ever more comforting. As “What about it?” continues through its three minute and twenty-second musical progression it begins to produce a sound that feels like a much-needed hybrid between Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” & “Shape of You.” Now you’re thinkin okay all this Ed Sheeran-esque stuff is something I really vibe with, but the Sam layers in a soulfully smooth melody that rivals the likes of Charlie Puth. Wait for it…wait for it… let all this musical perfection sink in… and whala that’s a musical orgasm generated by a silky rhythm built from a richly textured harmony paired alongside a reflective rhythm all executed in the songs sexy tempo. That’s it ladies and gents, you have just experienced Sam Sure’s “What About It” and been “Sured!”

Honestly after experiencing a performance like that it feels as though we must take a moment of silence to really let everything set in. Three, two, and one. We have just found the baby that be created by the merging of sounds like those of Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth. Furthermore, Its likely England is in for a big surprise when Sam releases his first hit, likely to feel like it came out of nowhere. Really it’s too bad we don’t know more about Sam Sure but we look forward his journey to the top as he works with Black Butter Records on upcoming projects that we hope are soon in their arrival. Until then folks your gonna have to throw in the headphones and plug into a playlist of all Sam’s tunes being sure to start with “What About It?”.

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