Makeout Point: Psychedelic Surf Rock.

“Havana Nights” raw, authentic and youthful.

Jeff Spicoli’s sampled quote at the song’s beginning throws us right back into 1982. The vibratory strum of guitar paired with a steady beat produced by the continued play of soft cymbals formulates a youthful rhythm. “Havana Nights” textured rhythm when paired with its moderato tempo and blissful melody aid in creating a rather vibratory atmosphere, one reminding us of those warm summer nights effortlessly enjoyed in our teenage years. Throughout the song’s progression, languid vocals draw us closer to the heartwarming experience produced throughout the song. If your looking for a sound to take you back turn up the speakers and let Makeout Point send you on your way. Not to mention they have one of the most bada** band names around.

You better believe us when we tell you Makeout Point only started Jamming together in September of 2017. While being a relatively new band they have definitely come a long way in developing a unique style but still have many steps in their creative journey as they continue to master their independent sound. After listening to their recently released EP “Varsity” it becomes apparent that their sound is influenced by the likes of The Smiths, The Strokes, and Mac DeMarco. Atop all this Makeout Point has found a way to put an original twist on psychedelic and surf rock.

Makeout Points Creative process is as raw and authentic as their sound. “All of our songs start out as extremely loose ideas. One of us will bring a cool progression or riff into rehearsal and we just sort of see where it goes from there.” As the band continues to hurdle over various learning curves and the struggles associated with being an early stage band they work to bring us a relaxed, beach-like atmosphere contrasted by introspective vocals and lyrics. Makeout Point has created music that is perfect for bumming out to. We look forward to hearing more catchy tunes as Makeout Point evolves as a band while also continuing to perfect their sound.

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