Welcome to “The Blog” from your family at Mood. We have created this community with a single goal in mind; inspire our readers while enabling them to discover new music in a way that creates a personal connection with the artist. While “The Blog” is a place for music lovers to discover new music, it also acts as a platform for artist to grow & collaborate from through engagement with their fellow musicians & fans.

At the moment, we are excited to bring you posts about our artists; as well as an array of many other stories on artists we are watching and discovering. As the Mood family continues to grow we look forward to offering exclusive interviews and stories on our trending artists.

To those of you who connect with music on an emotional level & love to keep up with the latest in underground music, this is the place for inspiration & discovery. At Mood, we are grateful to have you as part of the family and look forward to hearing from you. Talk to you soon friends.


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