Rose Villain: The Italian Hit Woman Reinvinting Pop.

“Swoop” a scorching hot single that is as dangerous as it is playful.

Agressive sounds softly claw at your ears in an expressive way that draws you deep into the haunting atmosphere that is “Swoop,” the latest single from the provocative punk-pop artist Rose Villain. The track itself opens up to listeners with an ear-biting baseline that progressively evolves into grounding sounds that allow for the synchronization of a focused and hearty beat. Eventually, smokey vocals with a slight delay and subtle reverb take hold of the musical components at play and demand that we listen closely to carefully crafted lyrics. Topping everything off are the delightful instrumentals used throughout “Swoop” to accentuate the songs textured melody.

Artist bio.

“The Milan-born and New York-based singer, songwriter, director, dancer, model, and producer might just be the mischievous fuse to light a new flame for popular culture at large. With millions of cumulative streams, the endorsement of Clash and Vogue Italy, and a debut for Republic Records on the way, she possesses the hypnotic power to flip pop upside down.

She began singing inspired by “the gods of rock” à la Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Johnny Cash, and Elvis all the way through Green Day and Incubus. Throughout high school, she split her time between reading Edgar Allan Poe, studying criminology, learning about forensics, and fronting a punk band called The Villains.

No matter what she does, Rose Villain ultimately turns heads with the right amount of evil to make pop dangerous again.”

Bio by Rick Florino

The Young Wild: An Explosive Band Setting Fire to L.A.

“Hello L.A.” is a thundery single produced for adrenaline junkies everywhere.

Its a race and I can feel my heart beating with every forward step I pursue. My line of sight is greatly distorted by a high speed of travel. An aggressively focused energy consumes me as I embrace our explosive enviroement. At any moment I seems as though the journey upon which I have embarked could be ended by the misfortune of a single mistake.

Hotter than hell is it here, and each throbbing thud of “Hello L.A.” booming bassline keeps my attention focused on the volatile mission at hand while a riotous beat pushes me forward to an ever-nearing objective. Eventually, there comes a point where I can experience my self breaking free of that which I found myself hunted by and empowered do I now feel by the muscular vocals of Young Wilds lead singer. With the progression of the tracks resonate musical components It can feel at times like a roller coaster of sound with sudden dips accompanied relaxing rests and pauses which swiftly explode back into the songs waring chorus of battle like insturments. Eventually, however, things begin to slow, my vision returns, and lights of callosal human creation refocus, guiding me into a city center filled by human energy most fragile.

Shunguzdo: A polarizing artist garunteed to blow minds!

“Paper” feels like a track from Mars and sets the stage for the future of experimental sound.
In comes a subtle beat which works to effortless match your hearts palpitations. Edgy are you within a surrounding most foreign, desolate be nothing more than a description of your current state. Blinded are you by an abyss filled only by the sparse appearance of sound which works to both captivate your ears while simultaneously illuminating potential directions. Led are you through a labyrinth of exquisite musical composition by an array of sounds composed by Shunguzdo in her heartthrob single “Paper.” The track itself puts listeners in a moderately anxious state that seems to construct a sort of auditory maze through which we slowly learn to navigate as we connect with “Papers” exotic musical components. Initially, you may feel as though you are far from progress, however, as the track progress it is likely you will fall away to “Papers” deeply racey rhythm that swiftly drives you down a multitude of paths each of which further support an expressive evolution within Shunguzdo’s extraterrestrial soundscape. Overtime all which be at play melds together in a compelling way and accentuates “Papers” hardy bassline, mystic melody, and heavy vocals.

Words from the artist…

“This song is inspired by my family’s immigration to “the promised land,” and the realization that the promised land breaks more promises than it keeps. Getting by isn’t easy — no matter who you are and where you come from — and yet we still find ways to smile at, and dance with, and love each other. Can we all make a pact not to let money govern our happiness, no matter how much we feel like we need it? Nobody, and no government, controls our joy but us. Joy is power!!!”

Le Baron: Tastemakers of time and emotion!

“Piel”  is a journey through the universe to the origin of time.

With this song comes an instantly meditative state that sneakily caresses your ears with silky sounds that proceed to evolve into more aggressive musical expressions that beg for your ear’s attention as whispery vocals ask you to take the story told to heart.  Never before has a track so brilliantly captured the essence of atmospheric art. Listening to this “Piel” makes it easy to imagine yourself alone at the edge of the universe gazing back at all you let slip by as you soared past all that exists. It’s frigid at the edge and the ceaseless rhythms reminded us how empty our lives our while steadfast vocals attempt to keep you grounded in your mission. “Piel” is without question one of those songs that will take you on a journey of self-discovery by isolating your mind and asking you to reflect on your own essence.

Le Baron: ¡creadores de tiempo y emoción!

“Piel” es un viaje a través del universo hasta el origen del tiempo.

Con esta canción, llega un estado de meditación instantánea que acaricia sigilosamente tus oídos con sonidos sedosos que evolucionan hacia expresiones musicales más agresivas que reclaman la atención de tu oído mientras las voces susurrantes te piden que te tomes en serio la historia contada. Nunca antes una pista ha capturado tan brillantemente la esencia del arte atmosférico. Escuchar este “Piel” hace que te resulte fácil imaginarte solo en el borde del universo mirando hacia atrás todo lo que dejas escapar mientras te elevas más allá de todo lo que existe. Es frígido en el borde y los ritmos incesantes nos recuerdan cuán vacías son nuestras vidas mientras nuestras voces firmes intentan mantenerte en tierra en tu misión. “Piel” es sin duda una de esas canciones que te llevarán a un viaje de autodescubrimiento aislando tu mente y pidiéndote que reflexione sobre tu propia esencia.

Batting Cages: The National With an 80’s Synth Twist.

“Feel so good” is an explosion of energetic sounds certain to rock your world.

At first, it’s like a throwback to the retro days. Then a deep growly voice collides with the tracks pop synth sounds to create an explosive experience that captivates listeners in the most trance-like of ways.  As the track progress, it slowly begins to let go of it’s 80’s style synth and embrace a more alternative rock and roll style. Eventually, listeners will find that as the guitars throbbing strum becomes stronger so does the thump of their heart, so much so that by the time one gets to the middle of the track they are fully immersed within a chapel of vibrant sounds. Batting Cages has found a wonderful balance of youth, nostalgia, and angst all of which work together to create a vibrant and energetic track.

“Breathe” by Blake Anthony


“Breathe” goes so hard it will send you into the stratosphere.

Have you heard of B.A. aka Blake Anthony?  probably not but today we are introducing him to you. This man is a heavy hitter who has the ability to flawlessly transition between two contradicting styles in the middle of a track. BA’s ability to do this is stunning and is nothing but an attention getter; what more unique is his perfect execution of this.  It’s like the guy has an on/off switch. One minute he’s going off on you the next he’s just telling you what’s up.  “Breathe” opens up quietly then suddenly explodes into an array of sounds that might remind you of Drakes “Back to Back” dis track. As B.A. progress the track he changes things up hoping to keep you on your toes begging for what’s next. As a master of flow, it is clear that B.A. has a unique ability to capture the minds of his fans as he tells meaningful and insightful stories that suggest new mindsets. All in all, we have mad respect for this tracks depth and its focused aesthetic that suggest B.A. is headed to the top with an ambition to run the rap game.

Wyatt Roberts: One of the worlds finest.

The latest album from Mississippi’s growing star is one that was created over the course of many months and deeply reflects the sounds of young man’s ups and downs as he reflects on both the good times and the bad. The sounds at work embody an eclectic mix from a verity of genres.

From the artist…

“I started songs for the album almost a year ago while I had been living out of my parent’s house. I was on a “hire list” for months waiting on a job. I bought food with money from recording. I also made a few bad mistakes id rather not speak on. My studio has moved around about 4 times during the creation of this album, bouncing around to friends houses. I tried to reach around to multiple genres for this project. I wanted to mix some R&B, Rap, and Pop. These songs are essentially the soundtrack to the movie of my life.”


“Torch” by 21 steps

“Torch” is a hot single from an even hotter artist that may be the Migos missing member.

Lets take a trip to the trap, 21 Steps is coming at his fan in the most bombastic of ways with the release of his latest single “Torch” the song itself is destroying expectations and commanding attention with its deep, slow and steady sound that lays the focused foundation upon which 21 steps begins to tell a carefully calculated message. The vocals on this track as well as its entire aesthetic feel like a more languid less mumbly version of the Migos, its refreshing.  The track itself flat out slaps and creates a vacant soundscape that asks listeners to stay focused as continue to keep moving forward. One of the most attractive aspects of this track is its ability to come off as familiar yet original. “Torch” sounds like everything that coming out right now, however, it is presented in a drastically different way that makes is it intensely captivating so much so we will likely have it on repeat for a while.

Buddy B: The Mississippi rapper on the rise you have yet to meet.

“Been F***ed”  is a therapeutic release of the most emotive music.

Well folks this intro might have been the most interesting one I have heard on a Rap track. It reminded me of a vibe that we might catch from the world of dark synth pop. Anyway, this attention getting intro swiftly disappears as it transitions into a more typical beat and Buddys whiny vocal emerge. Almost instantly Buddy starts spitting relatable bars that really hit home with there relatability. As the track progress, listeners will likely experience a hybrid of sound that work to create a sense of hope that is quietly overshadowed by a perpetual sadness that feel almost inescapable…perhaps it regret that has been left unaddressed. Regardless, Buddy has a way into his listeners hearts through what really feels like an authentic and game changing approach to the making of music. All in all, it is hard not to appreciate the unique beat upon which this track is built or the way in which Buddy delivers his all to true message.

$piff Hunnit – ‘Keep Going”: A Brooding Banger for the Underdogs

“Keep Going” is the motto in $piff Hunnit’s motivational banger.

$piff’s track is super relatable for us grinders out there. No matter what happens outside you – people telling you to quit, girls begging for your time, fake friends who are nothing but distractions, you have to keep pursuing your mission.

The tone of the track is brooding, really enhancing the underdog vibe. Filtered synths literally make the beat feel like it’s underground. $piff’s voice is mixed impeccably. It pierces through the mix, letting the lyrics shine. The hats do get repetitive after a while, but maybe the repetitive pattern is supposed to represent the dogged persistence that $piff is rapping about.

Overall the beat is solid but the lyrics and vocals are really what make this track.

Keep pursuing your sacred duty. Do not let distractions get in the way. Do what you need to do to the best of your ability.

If you start flagging, listen to $piff Hunnit’s “Keep Going,” and follow his instructions.

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