Kojey Radical: The Genre Bending Musician of Spoken Word Art!


“Can’t Go Back” thrilling sound accompanied by moving lyrics.

Time to kick it with some old school vibes that are smooth and funky. While the sounds the greet your ears have somewhat of a throwback feel they simultaneously feel very modern for Kojey Radical has found a way to put an original twist hip-hop. Everything about his recent track “Can’t Go Back” feels vibrant. Listeners easily float through the upbeat rhythms which find themselves grounded in the songs sultry baseline. As the track progresses so does the energy until finally we are left with a lively soundscape that acts as the perfect foundation for Kojeys poetic lyrics to take flight.

Artist Bio…

“Born and raised in East London, British Ghanaian Kwadwo Adu Genfi Amponsah aka. Kojey Radical is often described as a “renaissance man”. His family always knew Kojey was destined for something big, but they were never sure what. This level of confidence in him, he says, is a pressure that drove him to pursue his versatile range of talents.

A firmly mixed media artist, since childhood Kojey’s interests and accolades have existed in everything from drawing to dancing, film-directing, fashion and spoken word. He ended up studying illustration at university, while exploring the world of poetry simultaneously, inspired by emerging young black poets such as Suli Breaks.

2018’s series of ‘If Only’, ‘’97’ and ‘Water’ propelled him into the mainstream. A testament to his multidisciplinary approach to art, all these have come alongside an ongoing series of impressive visuals created and co-directed with long-time collaborator, Most Popular Human – most notable of these is the mesmerising 9-minute short film WATER (IF ONLY THEY KNEW) with narration from Michaela Coel.

Kojey’s work doesn’t really slot into one category: at his explosive live show you’ll be immersed in a dynamic blend of everything from smooth rap to gruff soul to propulsive rock to searing grime, all interjected with pensive moments of spoken word from the poet-turned-musical artist.”

Baker Boy: Hip-Hop With a Fresh Aussie Twist!

Artist Bio…

“In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the “fresh new prince”. His totem is the Olive Python, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/Gela boy.

Born in Darwin and raised in the remote NT communities Milingimbi and Maningrida, Danzal Baker aka Baker Boy is related to rising stars Gawurra and Yirrmal. He is the freshest new Yolngu hip-hop talent from the Top End. Young, strong and proud Baker Boy raps in Yolngu Matha language representing his Arnhem Land family. He knows his value, his worth and he raps so others get it.

What seems to be a whirlwind of success since Baker Boy’s debut single, ‘Cloud 9’, has manifested into a full-blown Cyclone Baker. Baker Boy is known as a multi-talented, multi-lingual artist, working across rap, dance, acting and graffiti, and he hopes to inspire younger generations to embrace their culture and become leaders in their communities.

New single ‘In Control’ was co-written with award-winning writer/producer and multi-instrumentalist Pip Norman (Troye Sivan, Tuka, CXLOE). Featured on the freshly baked track is the T.I.M.E (Thornbury Instrumental Music Experience) Crew of Thornbury Primary who contribute their raw and energetic vocals to the track.

Baker Boy has everyone talking, and is destined to be one of this country’s greatest hip hop stars.

2019 Young Australian of The Year.” – Soundcloud


Cards: A Genre-Bending Mastermind.

“Bodie, CA” defines what it means to be a timeless indie classic.

The California coast finds itself embodied within every aspect of this simplistic single coming from your new favorite indie band “Cards.”  Bodie, CA is a timeless tune that opens up with clean and basic sounds that effortlessly create a  pleasurable soundscape. Strum of a twangy guitar paired with the high hat tapping of friendly drums welcomes slivery vocals that wrap around your listening ears. As the track progresses one may begin to imagine life themselves cruising down the coastal highways swaying to airy beat that grounds “Bodie CA.” everything about this song feels beachy and youthful, and the breezy rhythms which supports a timeless melody only supports the making of nostalgic memories.

Artist bio…

“CARDS is the solo project of LA-based producer/songwriter Mike O. After years of focusing on working with other artists (Bryce Vine, Wyclef Jean, DVBBS) in the studio, he began writing and releasing music independently under his moniker in the Fall of 2017. Blogs began warming up to the eclectic sound over the first half of 2018 and Spotify caught on shortly after. After releasing a string of singles in the summer and fall of 2018, all of which were written, recorded, produced and mixed by Mike, he shifted his focus toward collaborations with other artists.

“Shouldn’t Be Sorry,” with SITA was released in January of 2019 and made it on to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist as well as other editorial playlists. Later that year, he released “Left Behind the Gold,” with long-time collaborator txtheway. Previously, the two had success working with Wyclef Jean and Vali as producer/songwriters and continue to work on outside projects together. Around the same time, Mike also worked on Bryce Vine’s song “La La Land.”

With a wide range of influences, CARDS is a project that is always evolving, blending genres and weaving in and out of indie-pop and commercial music. Over the rest of the summer and into the fall, expect more singles and more shows.”

Pat Brosnan: The Indie Enigma on the Rise!


“Trace” is that weekend love song you’ll have on repeat.

A single for the soul is what we have for you today. This particular song is an absolute pick me up that greets listening ears with soft airy sounds the smoothly pull you deeper into the tracks warmhearted aesthetic. The man behind the beautiful song “Trace” goes by Pat Brosnan. Pat is truly an artist, the obvious effort he put into his music gives it a level of quality that is unrivaled by other artists at his stage. Initially, the track opens up with a folky intro that formulates the foundation of a warm and peace peaceful atmosphere that finds itself carried throughout the track.  As “Trace” breezily progresses it blooms into a lively single defined by rich, heartfelt, and soothing sound. Topping everything off are Pat’s singsong vocals that thoughtfully deliver poetic lyrics.

Haiku Hands: Seriously Danceable Alt Rock!


“Jupiter” foaming sound rollicked by a heavy-hitting base and commanding vocals

Boom boom boom, one, two, three, four. Energy infects your soul!  You feel an explosion of well defined and focused sound take hold of your now listening ears. With every count you can feel the easy to follow beat of “Jupiter” running through you and further connected do you become to this tracks addictive soundscape. Haiku Hands has infused this track with vibrant sounds that work to create a feel-good atmosphere which wonderfully complements the individuality of each unique musical component. At times “Jupiter” feels funky and upbeat until but swiftly transition into a more focused and heavy-hitting vibe; that’s the magic of this track, it is a roller coaster that keeps you on your toes and your body jamming.

Atist bio…

“This collective of artists hailing from Sydney and Melbourne established their presence with the tongue in cheek, rave-inspired Not About You which was “undeniably one of the best Australian debuts of the year” (Purple Sneakers).

With an unquenchable thirst for good times and indulgence in all things art and pop, Haiku Hands pull together numerous talents to create an original and off-the-wall product; an unlikely but brilliant mix of dance party and art.

Live, they’re outrageous and bold and deliver the type of performance that turns a dingy club or festival pit into a heaving sweaty mess. With synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands present an eclectic set and energising live experience. Their infectious performance commands the room, confirming an act well and truly on the rise.”

Wafia: Australias Groundbreaking Artist on the Rise!


“I’m good” is a vibrant single driven by the sounds of modern pop!

Artist Bio…

“Wafia Al-Rikabi makes brooding electronic-pop with a soulful delivery as WAFIA. A Netherlands-born, Brisbane, Australia-based musician of Arab descent that inspires some of her music, she had an intercontinental upbringing before beginning to write songs as a break from pre-med studies at university. In the summer of 2014, she uploaded the song “Let Me Love You,” and it accumulated millions of plays. Named for the atomic number of copper expressed in Roman numerals, her debut EP, XXIX, was released in 2015 by Future Classic, home of electronic artists such as Flume and Chet Faker (Nick Murphy). She followed it a year later with a collaborative EP with labelmate Ta-ku called (m)edian. Still with Future Classic, the single “83 Days” arrived in May 2017, accompanied by a live acoustic version with singer/songwriter Ben Abraham on piano and backing vocals. Another solo single, “Bodies,” followed that September.”

Ocean Alley: Australias Hottest Yet Most Mysterious Sextet!

“Muddy Water” is a sun-soaked psychedelic rock hit!
Artist Bio…

“Their infectious melody lines and memorable blend of psychedelic-surf-rock. Their track ‘Confidence’ took out top spot in the triple j Hottest 100 of 2018, with their acclaimed second album ‘Chiaroscuro’ voted #2 on triple j’s 2018 album of the year listener poll after debuting at #15 on the ARIA Chart in March.

2018 saw Ocean Alley solidify their position as one of Australia’s most exciting bands, making their mark on the local and international touring circuit playing 96 shows across 10 countries and 60 cities, including selling 25,000 tickets across 15 sold out Australian shows.

Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the band – Baden Donegal (vocals), Angus Goodwin (guitar), Nic Blom (bass), Lach Galbraith (keys/vocals), Mitch Galbraith (guitar) and Tom O’Brien (drums) have taken their independent brand of sun-soaked psychedelic rock to the world over the last 18 months.

The band are back on the road next month, touring nationally with Tash Sultana through February and March before stopping into New Zealand for six shows in April. They’ll return home for a performance at Byron Bay Bluesfest and then head back to the United States and Canada during the Australian winter months for an extensive run of dates.”

Aaron Taos: The Master of Stunning Experinces!

“Venom” is a confession of a dark reality presented in an enticing way.

Wholsome vocals fill your ears with a crisp clear sound that instantly send you into a tranquil world. Here you become subject to an experience defined by the story told in Aaron Tao’s “Venom.” The track appears as a narrative about a young women whos is easy to fall for yet is defined by a toxic personality that one will unknowingly find themselves addicted to. “Venom” use a progressive beat with a foundational pattern that nods to “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchaesta.  This, in turn, creates a sense of timeless nostalgia.  With the progression of the track, listeners will find themselves lifted higher by “Venoms” invigorating rhythm of which creates a wildly focused soundscape that allows you to more clearly experience the ethereal authenticity found within in each note and chord. Together a wide array of musical components are woven into one another by Aarons to create an entertaining musical narrative that only leaves you wanting more.

Artist Bio…

“Aaron Taos is the son of Robert De Niro and Audrey Hepburn. He bashes his head on his keyboard while running Ableton and records the noises until a song is produced. He’s won like 8 Grammys and a couple Tonys. If you listen I bet you might like a word here or there.”

Le Le: The Inudstry’s Next Powerhouse Artist!

“I’m gone”  a is subtly bombastic single and instant attention-getter.

Grumbly, twangy strums of a distorted electronic guitar make an entrance for Le Le’s provocative vocals. Quickly you find yourself drawn into her mystic sound that quietly entrances your ears with its authentic blend of classic instrumentals accompanied by a hint of modern-day trap. As the track progresses, you experience Le Le’s raw passion through her poetic lyrics which work to promote female empowerment but simultaneously expose a girl’s most heartfelt emotions in a time of hurt. Musically “I’m Gone” separates itself from the pack with an eclectic blend genre-bending musical components. Most notably is Le Le’s seductive beat that works its way into a sculptural rhythm built from strident notes and chords. Eventually, you find your self moving at full speed alongside “I’m Gone’s” mesmerizing melody and heartfelt harmony. All in all Le Le is most certainly a rock star artist fusing a variety of genres together for the creation of something spectacular.

SAFE: On the rise to become a major force in music.

“Old Wayz” feels like a throwback tribute to the sounds of The Party Next Door.

From the artist…

“SAFE, otherwise known as Saif Musaad or BANDO, is a 21-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada who is quickly emerging as the leader of the new wave of the Toronto hip-hop scene. SAFE was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, however his Eritrean family immigrated to Toronto at a very young age. By 15 years old, SAFE began writing song lyrics during his free time, devoting more of his time and energy towards music and starting his career as an artist.

SAFE met Oliver El-Khatib, co-founder of OVO Sound label, at a video shoot in Toronto, and the two quickly developed a rapport. Shortly after, Musaad was asked if he wanted to work steadily at the OVO retail store, bolstering his profile in the local scene. “He asked me if I wanted to work at the shop and of course I said yeah; I knew it would be a good experience for me,” SAFE told Vice magazine in an interview. His time at the shop strengthened his relationship with El-Khatib throughout the year, allowing him to receive more exposure and multiple co-signs from Drake himself. In 2014, SAFE took a step back from working at the shop and kept a low profile, focusing on recording and putting out new music.” – SAFE bio.



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