Pat Brosnan: The Indie Enigma on the Rise!


“Trace” is that weekend love song you’ll have on repeat.

A single for the soul is what we have for you today. This particular song is an absolute pick me up that greets listening ears with soft airy sounds the smoothly pull you deeper into the tracks warmhearted aesthetic. The man behind the beautiful song “Trace” goes by Pat Brosnan. Pat is truly an artist, the obvious effort he put into his music gives it a level of quality that is unrivaled by other artists at his stage. Initially, the track opens up with a folky intro that formulates the foundation of a warm and peace peaceful atmosphere that finds itself carried throughout the track.  As “Trace” breezily progresses it blooms into a lively single defined by rich, heartfelt, and soothing sound. Topping everything off are Pat’s singsong vocals that thoughtfully deliver poetic lyrics.

Robinhood Was Right: The Subtle Experimentalist!


“Lonesome Next To You”  is a musical cure for loneliness.

This one is for all the lonely souls. Its a track filled with creative authenticity that communicates with the soul in a way that shows us a deeper life meaning. Welcome my friends to the expressive sounds of the breathtaking artist Robinhood Was Right. His latest single feels like James Bay, then like James Blunt, and finally like Allman Brown. In a way, it is like getting the best of three worlds but with an original twist that pleasantly coaxes your listening ears with timeless sounds. Magic presents itself in his silvery vocals that swiftly send goosebumps across your body with their singing of each loving verse. As for the soundscape found within “Lonesome Next To You,” it is apparent that is taking the form of many. At times it finds itself defined by quite instrumentals that languidly craft tranquil experiences, then things shift, speeding up with more racy instrumentals that give the track a more moving experince.   At the end of it, I find that when listening to Robinhood Was Right I fall away to an ethereal place that is warm and welcoming.

Smoke Season: The Hottest Duo in Underground Music?


“Sweetest Thing” is a steamy single that kees you on the edge of your seat with its freaky blend of electro-pop and rocksteady sound

Airy and breathy vocals seep into the mind intoxicating it with a pairing that goes beyond that which is generic and highly antticpated. Together this incredible duo works to build a foundation for the track that is unmatched by any traditional duet. Initially, the musical instrumentation that greets your listening mind is quaint and simple in its expression. However, as the baseline kicks in a jolt of energy rushes through you allowing you to feel the direction “Sweetest Thing” is headed. With the progression of each of the musical components, it becomes increasingly clear that Smoke Season has lived up to the name given to this track, it truly is sweet! At times you feel flooded by the lushly layered sounds that so effortless support the songs expressive behavior. Then suddenly you may feel more reserved like you are an observer of the spectacular experience that is the “Sweetest Thing”

Artis Bio…

“Smoke Season lives by one rule: normal is fucking boring. Gabby Bianco considers herself a mad scientist, with a passion for tinkering with both the analog and the digital: she has built light setups and stage props for Smoke Season’s music videos and live shows. Jason Rosen expresses his brand of abnormality with fashion and grooves, never letting either stagnate. He laments the limits of menswear, opting to flaunt items from Gabby’s closet because fuck gender stereotypes too. Smoke Season’s sound presents the duo as distinct individuals, adept lovers, and powerhouse performers; to know their art is to truly see them.

It should be noted that their music contains more than just their sunny personalities. They combine two distinct concepts in their art: sensuality and identity, and how each aspect affects them. Seeing them live in concert is a multimedia, and multi-sensory, experience; aside from the hand-built lights and set decor, they craft their synthesizers to set them apart with unique sounds that you will only hear from Smoke Season.”

OCÉANE: Lavish music for the soul.

“The Best Thing” feels like a muffled heart attack happening in slow motion, an emotional single certain produce goosebumps.

Submerged am I by the ethereal sound that defines OCÉANEs most recent single “The Best Thing.” This track instantly commands my attention with its subtle and delicate sounds that quietly blazes the trail for the powerhouse experience this single becomes. While at first, that which toys with my ears feels languid I come to find the instrumentals initially at play become uplifted by the breathy, angel-like vocals of  OCÉANE. With the progression of “The Best Things” hypnotic soundscape comes a luxurious experience the rides high on the songs spacy synth working to produce the airy quality that so seamlessly contrasts the tracks deep baseline in the most supportive of ways. At times I feel like feather falling then suddenly the atmosphere transforms, making me feel as though I am a child mischievously creeping through the grand hall of an empty mansion. So much is at work within OCÉANE’s lavish single “The Best Thing” which is why I strongly encourage you to lose yourself to her elaborate word of mystic sound.

Ashe: Mysteriously Authentic Sound for the Soul!

“Cold in California” a musical metaphor exposing how cold and shallow the most beautiful of things can be.

The humble strum of a delicate acoustic guitar draws listeners in as angelic vocals caress our ears. Welcome to the beautiful world of sound that is created by the one and only Ashe. Her latest single “Cold in California” is defined not only of the by the musical components mentioned prior but by each of wholesome sound that comes together to create this highly authentic track. While “Cold in California” delivers to listeners heartfelt harmonies accompanied by nostalgic melodies it is without question the tracks raw atmosphere makes its essence so relatable. Beyond the magnificent array of humble sounds used to compose “Cold in California,” listeners will certainly find themselves blown away by the metaphor at play within every verse. All in all, Ashe may most easily be understood as a poetic philosopher who happens to create music that is as stunning as it is touching.

Bella: The Stunning Artist You Have Yet Too Meet.

“FGIRL” a steamy single defined by passion.

Boom Boom Ba silky and smooth vocals of the elegant Bella great your listening ears in an entrancing way that stylistically warms your soul. Her deep sultry aesthetic will captivate any audience and entrance them in a way that will lead listeners deeper into her hypnotic sounds. “FGIRL” in particular gives off a tropical vibe that is fused with a pulsating array of musical components. Almost instantly listening ears will be greeted by an intro built on the twist of bongo beat, this playful intro however quickly gives way to a deep baseline which carves out a subtly bombastic rhythm. All in all, FGIRL feel define airy, sexy, and earnest sounds.

Artist Bio…

“BELLA was born with music in her DNA. Growing up touring the world with her father, renowned Spanish guitarist Sir Angel Romero, she fell in love with the life of an artist and has been singing since her earliest years.

Her roots and soulful vocals have been the driving factors that lead her to build, together with an influential team of collaborators, an unexpected urban pop sound with a raw message.

As a teenager, she’s moved her family from San Diego to LA to further pursue her artistry and develop her career. Building on a solid and vast catalog of songs, her debut album is set to offer edgy pop sounds, powerful melodies and raw, emotionally charged lyrics.

Look out for BELLA’s debut single FGIRL coming out July 5 and make sure to register to to be in the know.”

Aaron Taos: The Master of Stunning Experinces!

“Venom” is a confession of a dark reality presented in an enticing way.

Wholsome vocals fill your ears with a crisp clear sound that instantly send you into a tranquil world. Here you become subject to an experience defined by the story told in Aaron Tao’s “Venom.” The track appears as a narrative about a young women whos is easy to fall for yet is defined by a toxic personality that one will unknowingly find themselves addicted to. “Venom” use a progressive beat with a foundational pattern that nods to “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchaesta.  This, in turn, creates a sense of timeless nostalgia.  With the progression of the track, listeners will find themselves lifted higher by “Venoms” invigorating rhythm of which creates a wildly focused soundscape that allows you to more clearly experience the ethereal authenticity found within in each note and chord. Together a wide array of musical components are woven into one another by Aarons to create an entertaining musical narrative that only leaves you wanting more.

Artist Bio…

“Aaron Taos is the son of Robert De Niro and Audrey Hepburn. He bashes his head on his keyboard while running Ableton and records the noises until a song is produced. He’s won like 8 Grammys and a couple Tonys. If you listen I bet you might like a word here or there.”

Le Le: The Inudstry’s Next Powerhouse Artist!

“I’m gone”  a is subtly bombastic single and instant attention-getter.

Grumbly, twangy strums of a distorted electronic guitar make an entrance for Le Le’s provocative vocals. Quickly you find yourself drawn into her mystic sound that quietly entrances your ears with its authentic blend of classic instrumentals accompanied by a hint of modern-day trap. As the track progresses, you experience Le Le’s raw passion through her poetic lyrics which work to promote female empowerment but simultaneously expose a girl’s most heartfelt emotions in a time of hurt. Musically “I’m Gone” separates itself from the pack with an eclectic blend genre-bending musical components. Most notably is Le Le’s seductive beat that works its way into a sculptural rhythm built from strident notes and chords. Eventually, you find your self moving at full speed alongside “I’m Gone’s” mesmerizing melody and heartfelt harmony. All in all Le Le is most certainly a rock star artist fusing a variety of genres together for the creation of something spectacular.

SAFE: On the rise to become a major force in music.

“Old Wayz” feels like a throwback tribute to the sounds of The Party Next Door.

From the artist…

“SAFE, otherwise known as Saif Musaad or BANDO, is a 21-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada who is quickly emerging as the leader of the new wave of the Toronto hip-hop scene. SAFE was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, however his Eritrean family immigrated to Toronto at a very young age. By 15 years old, SAFE began writing song lyrics during his free time, devoting more of his time and energy towards music and starting his career as an artist.

SAFE met Oliver El-Khatib, co-founder of OVO Sound label, at a video shoot in Toronto, and the two quickly developed a rapport. Shortly after, Musaad was asked if he wanted to work steadily at the OVO retail store, bolstering his profile in the local scene. “He asked me if I wanted to work at the shop and of course I said yeah; I knew it would be a good experience for me,” SAFE told Vice magazine in an interview. His time at the shop strengthened his relationship with El-Khatib throughout the year, allowing him to receive more exposure and multiple co-signs from Drake himself. In 2014, SAFE took a step back from working at the shop and kept a low profile, focusing on recording and putting out new music.” – SAFE bio.


.irg The worlds most timeless artist you have yet to meet!

“New Jersey” is a love song for lonely nights.
“After releasing latest EP “bittersweet memories” in April 2019, artist .irg is set to release his latest single ‘new jersey’. .irg, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer has been creating a name for himself since his first release titled “bittersweet” in 2018. While slowly building a loyal fanbase, .irg has continued to push the limits in the world of Electronic Indie Pop. Releasing seven singles and a 6 song EP since 2018, .irg continues to push out meaningful content that is starting to make some noise. This single will include elements from LoFi/Chill and Electronic/Pop genres with a calm and peaceful vocal similar to a lullaby. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania native stated, “This track is very special to me because of how honest and vulnerable it is. The lyrics just came to me and it felt so natural.” It’s very apparent that as .irg continues to release new music, the quality and growth as an artist just keeps getting better and better.
.irg is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer of Electronic Indie Pop/Hip-Hop. He considers Jeremy Zucker, Jon Bellion, Blackbear, and Cigarettes After Sex to be his biggest influences. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he began pursuing music as a career during his sophomore year of college. In March 2018, .irg released his first single and continued to release more music. This would begin to create a new sound that has never been heard before in this specific genre of music.” – .irg Press Release

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