JB Ryans: Where Spoken Word Art Meet Music!


“Confessions of the Brokenhearted” a message for the world.

JB Ryans is a 23-Year-old Singer-Songwriter and producer whose raw lyrics focus back on his life and the challenges he has overcome to inspire others who may be fighting the same battles as he. JB says “there isn’t one singular artist who has inspired my sound… I come from listening to anything that moves me emotionally.” With that said, JB’s sound features an assemblage of airy and harmonic electronic tones, a R&B produced beat to allow the listener to think and feel, combined with elements of pop.

“Confessions of the Brokenhearted” is the debut single and lead track of Singer/Songwriter/Producer JB Ryans eventual album “Confessions of the Brokenhearted”. Ryans created this track as a way to take the last 5 years of his life, going through breakups, heartbreak, and depression and wrap it up into one heartfelt message. To tell everyone that no matter what you are going through, you are not alone and that these things that you are going through, you will make it through them. You will survive.


Robinhood Was Right: The Subtle Experimentalist!


“Lonesome Next To You”  is a musical cure for loneliness.

This one is for all the lonely souls. Its a track filled with creative authenticity that communicates with the soul in a way that shows us a deeper life meaning. Welcome my friends to the expressive sounds of the breathtaking artist Robinhood Was Right. His latest single feels like James Bay, then like James Blunt, and finally like Allman Brown. In a way, it is like getting the best of three worlds but with an original twist that pleasantly coaxes your listening ears with timeless sounds. Magic presents itself in his silvery vocals that swiftly send goosebumps across your body with their singing of each loving verse. As for the soundscape found within “Lonesome Next To You,” it is apparent that is taking the form of many. At times it finds itself defined by quite instrumentals that languidly craft tranquil experiences, then things shift, speeding up with more racy instrumentals that give the track a more moving experince.   At the end of it, I find that when listening to Robinhood Was Right I fall away to an ethereal place that is warm and welcoming.

Ashe: Mysteriously Authentic Sound for the Soul!

“Cold in California” a musical metaphor exposing how cold and shallow the most beautiful of things can be.

The humble strum of a delicate acoustic guitar draws listeners in as angelic vocals caress our ears. Welcome to the beautiful world of sound that is created by the one and only Ashe. Her latest single “Cold in California” is defined not only of the by the musical components mentioned prior but by each of wholesome sound that comes together to create this highly authentic track. While “Cold in California” delivers to listeners heartfelt harmonies accompanied by nostalgic melodies it is without question the tracks raw atmosphere makes its essence so relatable. Beyond the magnificent array of humble sounds used to compose “Cold in California,” listeners will certainly find themselves blown away by the metaphor at play within every verse. All in all, Ashe may most easily be understood as a poetic philosopher who happens to create music that is as stunning as it is touching.

Suzi Wu: Luxurious Sound With a Destructive Twist!

“Taken Care Of” a mystery of sound constructed with wickedly enticing samples.

The focused strum of a bass wafts through the speakers, and listeners ears perk with a curiosity that draws them into the spacy world of Suzi Wui minimalist single “Taken Care Of.” A brilliance found within the simplicity of this track makes for a masterful soundscape that finds itself built on a bass which evolves with lavishly layered electronic experiments. With “Taken Care Of’s” progression Suzi seamlessly weaves together each musical component at play into a languid but flowy rhythm that allows listeners to drift through the songs delightful notes and chords which wonderfully complement the singles contrastingly muddy texture. The icing on the cake, however, is Suzi herself who poisons our minds with her throaty vocals which tell an artful story.

Retro Culture: Mesmerizing Masters of Auditory Experience!

“Cold” is filled with hollowing sound certain to steal hearts.

Spacial sounds flood the mind in a way that brings tears to the eyes as you are reminded of life’s freedom. One we so easily ignore as we lose ourselves to the routines that define our day to day. Each and every aspect of this track works to explore an array of emotional states that leads listeners from self-reflection to self-exploration. At times Retro Cultures “Cold” feels like a breakup song that embraces heartache; at other times it seems to send us back to the melancholy nostalgia of youthful memories.

“Cold” is a complex single that finds its self defined by an introspective rhythmic pattern which allows for the creation of solemn and steady beat that travels through listeners hearts in the most touching of ways. As the track progresses it gives way to whispery vocals which posions our ears with mischevious lyrics. Holding everything together is  “Colds” flowy rhythm which feels like the languid glide of waves pulling sand into the abyss only to throw it back to the beach. All in all Retro Culture is responsible for creating auditory experiences defined by aesthetic atmosphere of introversion.

Loren North: The Super Secret Artist Reinvinting Pop.



“In Too Deep” feel beyond timeless as it carries you through a whirlwind of emotions.

Two souls lay stagnant in time. His work-worn fingers run down her side like the way water trickles through a creek; her lips break into a subtle smile. In such a moment of solitude experienced together, such actions go unnoticed for each individual be lost within the effortless passing of one thought to another. This tranquil yet selfish vibe finds itself recreated in the Loren Norths “In Too Deep.”

The Cincintaiti native has a way of creating nostalgic Indie Pop atmospheres that feels like what watching a Sunday morning sun dance through the window blinds acting out a shadow puppet play looks like. Her use of dramatically deep instrumentals consumes the heart only to break it open with a languid but heavy-hitting beat. Just when you think she can do no more to captivate you Loren will go on to blow your mind and send goosebumps sprawling across your body with her ethereal vocals which wonderfully accent the tracks mysterious and solemn soundscape. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the world of Loren North.


.irg The worlds most timeless artist you have yet to meet!

“New Jersey” is a love song for lonely nights.
“After releasing latest EP “bittersweet memories” in April 2019, artist .irg is set to release his latest single ‘new jersey’. .irg, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer has been creating a name for himself since his first release titled “bittersweet” in 2018. While slowly building a loyal fanbase, .irg has continued to push the limits in the world of Electronic Indie Pop. Releasing seven singles and a 6 song EP since 2018, .irg continues to push out meaningful content that is starting to make some noise. This single will include elements from LoFi/Chill and Electronic/Pop genres with a calm and peaceful vocal similar to a lullaby. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania native stated, “This track is very special to me because of how honest and vulnerable it is. The lyrics just came to me and it felt so natural.” It’s very apparent that as .irg continues to release new music, the quality and growth as an artist just keeps getting better and better.
.irg is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer of Electronic Indie Pop/Hip-Hop. He considers Jeremy Zucker, Jon Bellion, Blackbear, and Cigarettes After Sex to be his biggest influences. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he began pursuing music as a career during his sophomore year of college. In March 2018, .irg released his first single and continued to release more music. This would begin to create a new sound that has never been heard before in this specific genre of music.” – .irg Press Release

Loyal Lobos: Dreamy & reflective folk perfect for the hopeless romantic!

“Swim” will strum the chords of your heart in the most personal of ways.

Alone he lay wrapped in his bed’s cool white sheets, burn do his knuckles from bald fists, and red his eyes are form a continuous stream of tears. Sunday moring sunlight lurks through slits in closed blinds that hide him form the world. Thoughts of her remain steady like the strum of “Swims” soulful guitar strums. Memories of times past torture his vacant heart which beats hard like that of the introspective bassline created by “Loyal Lobos” somber drums. Conflicting emotions consume him the way “Swims” intoxicating vocals swiftly encase your listening ears. Eventually, he rises from atop a bed meant for two, letting go of feelings he’s afraid to share he finds himself in a state of disarray, his body throbs emulating the climax found within “Swims” progressive rhythm. As time progress he feels himself languidly fall to a floor littered by memories preserved in photographs. Shattered he assumes a prayer like position, in his begging for forgiveness he finds nothing but a stillness that resembles the timeless melodies and tender harmonies of Loyal Lobos surreal single “Swim.”

Mason Smyth is manisfesting the worlds smoothest sounds.

This Unhealthy Head of Mine.”  is the worlds new number one breakup song.

With closed eyes I imagine myself clawing at the walls of a hole in which I am unable to scale. Deeper I fall with every sip more I take of a mind-numbing poison that freezes my feelings. In movement, I am slow like the languid rhythm of  “This Unhealthy Head of Mine.” With times passing I come to experience an occasional surfacing of emotion I thought long past. Listening doesn’t coincide with my current state yet I find my self forced to as my mind becomes further enticed by Mason’s raspy almost electronic vocals that smoothly deliver relatable lyrics in the most eloquent of ways. With times progression I feel myself let go of a desire to escape and in turn embrace a hollow state. No longer do I claw at the all-encompassing wall. Float I do now in Mason’s sea of tranquil sounds that work to wrap themselves around me with an effortless rhythm of which seamlessly supports harmonies comprised of notes and chords most solemn. Eventually, it becomes evident that there is no escape of the thoughts that flood this unhealthy head of mine so drown I will in this somber soundscape that is Mason Smyths most recent single.

Christian Kameron: Mr. Next Level!

“Hurt Me” is laid back single that casually uncovers ones day to struggles.

Everything about this track is intoxicating. Each and every sound is swiftly thrown around the track in a languid and slurred way that asks listeners to consider the track’s message in the most heartfelt of ways. As the song continues to progress one might find themselves drawn to the echoy voice of Christian. Two things, in particular, stand out about this track. First is the hollow sound that fills your soul as it commands you to listen closely to the tracks delicate rhythm & near haunting harmony. Second is “Hurt Mes” lyrics that speak to listeners in a calm and calculated way while also asking them to consider the projected message. At the end of the day you expect nothing but quality from Cristian Kameron, everything he does is done with both intent and purpose; and his most recent single “Hurt Me” is defined by deep moving sounds and mystically melodic vocals.



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